Project Slayers beginner's guide - Controls, breathing unlocks, and grind spots (2024)

November 4, 2022: Project Slayers is getting an update today! Check out our tips below if you're going to be checking it out!

A hot new Demon Slayer-inspired game has arrived on Roblox, taking the wind out of the sails of those that came before. A Project Slayers beginner's guide on some of the game's basics probably won't help the hundreds of thousands of Roblox players already deep into its systems, but if you're itching to get involved, read up on our tips first. It's a complicated game.

As expected, we're going to outline a bunch of Project Slayers basics down below. A lot of it depends on which platform you happen to be playing on at the time, so we'll go over essential controls, how to level up quickly, and how to get some of the more popular character configurations out there.

Of course, this isn't all we have to say about the big new Roblox release. Our Project Slayers codes guide can get you the perfect loadout if you're lucky. And, if you're following along in the hopes of getting your cool new uniform, our Project Slayers Final Selection page can help out there as well.

Table of Contents

  • What are the Project Slayers controls?
  • How to open the menu on Project Slayers mobile
  • How to hit level 15 in Project Slayers
  • Where is the Muzan location in Project Slayers?

What are the Project Slayers controls?

PC controls

If you're playing on PC, the Project Slayers controls are very similar to most of the anime action games on the platform already. If you've played Slayers Unleashed, Shindo Life, or Grand Piece Online, you should be fine. If not, here's how it works:

  • Main Controls
    • M1 - Combat (L Click).
    • M2 - Combat (R Click).
    • M - Menu.
    • Q - Dash.
    • CTRL - Wall Climb.
    • Left Shift - Sprint.
    • Left Alt - Mouse Lock
  • Combo Variations:
    • LRLRL or SPACE: Air Combo
    • RRLRL: Special Combo
    • LLRLR: Special Combo

The above Project Slayers controls come straight from the game page, so you know they're correct and accurate. For the combos, it means to hit left or right-mouse button in that order - not the L and R keys. That would be a nightmare.

Mobile controls

On mobile, things are a little different. You use the left part of the screen like a joystick for movement, the right side for camera controls, and then, when you have a weapon equipped, either side of the L/R symbol on the right of the screen to mimic left-mouse and right-mouse clicks with your thumb respectively.

How to open the menu on Project Slayers mobile

Opening the menu is key for entering Project Slayers codes, checking your stats, and changing equipment. And as there's no M key on mobile, opening the menu requires a different approach.

To open the menu in Project Slayers on Mobile, you just need to press and hold on an empty part of the screen. This should cause the menu to open up like it does on PC. To close it, just repeat the process.

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You can actually press and hold in a few places to get different action buttons - like around the left-most information cluster to get a piggyback button.

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Other than that, just use the action bar at the bottom to ready your weapon, use your abilities, and open the map.

How to hit level 15 in Project Slayers

According to the Project Slayers Trello, here's how you should handle leveling up in Project Slayers early on. You want to hit 15 to reach Final Selection, so that's your first focus. The exact route depends on your character's race.

How to get to level 15 as a human in Project Slayers

Level 1-12

The developers suggest you farm the first two quests you're given. Once they start to offer little experience points, go after Zuko until you finally hit level 12.

Level 12-15

At level 12, you're off to find your preferred combat trainer. Work until them until you hit level 15, then find a group and take on Final Selection to unlock the main part of the game.

How to become a demon in Project Slayers

If, after reaching level 15, you decide the Human life isn't for you, you'll need to seek out a specific individual to turn into a Demon. Follow the same path as a Human/Slayer until you hit level 15, then go and hunt for Muzan.

Where is the Muzan location in Project Slayers?

Muzan isn't ever in one specific location: he moves around a lot. The developers suggest getting the Muzan Finder Gamepass to find him faster, but if you just searching around, you'll eventually find him anyway.

Complete Muzan's quest and roll your Demon Art at Zapiwara Cave and you'll be a full-fledged Project Slayers Demon.

We'll keep adding more Project Slayers tips over time. For now, though, check out the Project Slayers Discord if you haven't already. The Trello is good for the developer-intended stuff, but the Discord is where the community figures out the rest.

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Project Slayers beginner's guide - Controls, breathing unlocks, and grind spots (2024)


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