Personalise your christening invitations from Rosemood (2024)

Personalise your christening invitations from Rosemood (1)

Discover our christening invitations

How to choose your christening invitations

We offer a whole range of personalised invitations to the suit your little one and the style of your christening celebrations. With everything from traditional religious motifs to sweet illustrated animals, you are sure to find invites that are right for you. If you have a specific vision for your christening theme or colour scheme, then you can use the filters to the left of our catalogue to narrow down your choice by colour, format, or even by the designer. You can also take a look at the following categories of christening and baptism invitations for more inspiration:

  • Christening invitations for girls
  • Christening invitations for boys
  • Photo christening invitations- make your invitations truly unique by adding a photo of your little one.
  • Foiled christening invitations- our luxurious metallic foiling adds a truly elegant touch to your invites.

If you can’t decide between our invitations then why not take advantage of our sample christening stationery to see some of our christening invitations in print before placing an order. If you still don’t have any particular designs in mind you can order free samples of our christening stationery to get a feel for our paper and printing. Otherwise, order personalised samples of your favourite stationery designs as having the christening invitations in print will make it a lot easier to decide between your shortlist of designs!

We may also be able to adapt our invitations to better suit your style so do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team. We will let you know whether your desired changes are possible and whether or not they involve a surcharge to cover the time it takes for our graphic designers to create this bespoke version of our invitations just for you.

Personalise your christening invitation wording

The information found on christening invitations is very similar to that of any other invitations and your christening invitation wording will vary based on your style. Standard christening invitations should include the following information:

  • Parent’s names.
  • Child’s name.
  • Date, time and venue of christening service.
  • Details of any festivities to follow.
  • Some families opt to include the godparents’ names.
  • RSVP information if required.

Take a look at our christening invitation wording guide for some suggested texts in both a formal and an informal style.

Add your text (and perhaps even upload a photo) using our online editing tool. You can even choose the size and colour of your text, as well as the font. Simply replace our sample text with your christening invitation wording to create unique invites for your child’s first religious milestone.

Personalise your christening invitations from Rosemood (2)

Finishing touches to your christening invitations

As with all of our personalised stationery, we offer a range of finishing touches for your christening invitations. When personalising your invitations you will be asked to choose from:

  • Four high-quality paper types: keep your christening invitations traditional by opting for our classic textured ivory paper or add some sparkle to your invites by choosing iridescent paper.
  • A range of coloured envelopes: Choose the envelopes that best match your chosen design.
  • Corner-types: Opt for classic square corners or choose rounded corners.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team if you need any advice about the finishing touches for your christening or baptism invitations.

Rosemood retouches your christening invitations

Rest assured that your christening invitations are in good hands thanks to our complimentary retouching service. Our proofreaders will double check all of your christening invitation wording to make sure that there are no mistakes before our graphic designers optimise the layout of your christening invitations for printing. If you have opted for photo christening invitations, our graphic designers will even retouch your photos, where necessary, to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect!

Create christening stationery to match your christening invitations

Keep your chosen design of christening invitations running throughout your christening celebrations by creating matching on-the-day christening stationery. We offer a range of christening order of service booklets, christening menu cards, christening place cards and christening gift tags for you to use as part of your child’s christening. Incorporate these pieces of christening stationery into your christening decorations and let them determine the theme or style of your christening celebrations. All of these items of christening stationery can be personalised to suit your needs. We even have christening thank you cards for after the big day!

Personalise your christening invitations from Rosemood (2024)


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