Mod-Network || Glenleathann Map v1.4.0.0 FS22 mods (2024)

- New fill types for Farm productions DLC added to sell points.
- PDA updated.

For most of your late teens early 20's you had been working on a farm helping your friend who's dad sadly passed away, and although you traded that life for the city almost a decade ago you still often find yourself thinking back to those fond day's wondering how your friend is getting on and if he managed to secure more land as he had wished to do and although you had planned to drop in some day you always found yourself been pulled away for various reasons. After one evening sitting talking with your kids and hearing they have no idea where things come from you decided enough is enough. If the schools are not willing to educate your kids on simple things of where food comes from then you will.
Upon arriving at the place you called home for all your childhood up until your mid 20's you are taken aback by the scale of the land and the memories you have, the smell of the countryside, freshly cut grass the fresh air none of this smog you have been breathing in all these years in the city. You drive down the dirt road to your friends farm with a flurry of excitement, for you are home, you are back in Glenleathann.

- Small spotlight at the vehicle dealers point can be cut to remove wall all cuttable hedges.
- Small spotlight behind the vehicle dealers when cut will remove all streetlights.
- Alien Jim's cuttable hedges allow you to expand, connect fields or open land up.
- Alien Jim's UK right hand drive cars.
- All the base game productions spread across the map.
- The map is precision farming ready and uses a custom soil map.
- There are some forest areas spread around the map.
- All base game and DLC products can be sold at multiple outlets apart from Iron Ore.
- 108 fields of all shapes and sizes.
- 5 farms for those who like to spread out or play multiplayer.
- Lots of paint options in the terrain paint tool
- Modified animal pens available in the build menu as well as a lime buying station and some sheds and wall types.
- AI splines on main dirt roads.
- Disturbed Simulations Scottish GEO.
- Disturbed Simulations Scottish weather, due to the weather been much more challenging its recomended a minimum of 3 day's per month.
- Disturbed Simulations missions vehicles.
- New custom lighting.
- Cotton and Sugarcane will not grow on NPC owned fields however you can plant and harvest those crop types if you wish.

- Fixed shed on South West farm so you can sell them.
- Fixed chicken pen and shed on the North East farm so they can be sold.
- Moved horse pen slightly further back on the main farm to give a little more room.
- Reduced animal feed in all barns, still maize plus compatible but signifactly lower capacities.
- NPC xml file now read from base game.
- South West Karma 16 now in correct location.

- New productions = Diesel, Dough, Doughnuts, Pancakes, Pasteurized Milk, Sandwiches, Soybean Soybean Oil, Soybean Milk, Waffles, Yeast, Yoghurt and more
- New textures for the following crops = Wheat, Barley, Cotton, Grass, Meadow Grass, Maize, Potato, Sunflower
- Farm building, barns etc are all there regardless of game difficulty, however to remove them they now cost you money.
- Solid Fertilizer tank will now allow you to buy Solid fertilizer and Lime and both can be stored together.
- Liquid Fertilizer tank will now allow you to buy Liquid fertilizer and Herbicide and both can be stored together.
- Seed/Mineral Feed tank will now allow you to buy both and stored together.
- Production modification = Bread requires Dough, Yeast and Sunflower Oil.
- Production modification = Cake requires the normal stuff however Pasteurized Milk replaces Milk
- Production modification = Milk is now processed into Pasteurized Milk and is used in some productions that Milk was normally used in.
- Production modification = Sugar Mill now gives a by production of Yeast.
- Sawmill is now a building you can delete after purchasing it allowing you to use the land for other reasons.
- BGA will now give an output of Methane which can be set to store, sell or distribute.
- BGA also now has Sugarbeet, Potato's and Straw as inputs which will produce Methane, Electric charge and Digestate however Straw will not produce Digestate.
- Production Diesel requires Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Water and Methane which can then be used for on your farm or sold.
- Silo's are no longer multifruit, they will now only accept the following. Wheat, Barley, Canola, Maize, Sorghum, Oat's, Sunflower, Potato, Sugarbeet, Sugarbeet Cut and Sugarcane, before updating the map make sure no other fruit types are present in your silos.

- Soy milk no longer takes Flour, now requires Soybean and Water.
- Sell points updated to work with all fill types added from the Premium DLC

- Note this is save game compatible.

Mod-Network || Glenleathann Map v1.4.0.0 FS22 mods (2024)


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