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If you’d like the perfect christening invitation wording, we’re here to help.

The short and simple fact is, there isn’t the ‘perfect’ wording for christening invitations – only what’s perfect for you.

At Collection Pot we see Pots set up all the time to make a christening – and we know that while this is a traditional and often formal religious ceremony with a lot of significance, many modern couples want to have an invite that reflects the fun, joy and excitement of the event or of their personalities!

It is also true that in today’s world, many of those being invited may not hold any religious beliefs and for some parents as well, it’s more about the day of celebration than making an invite that feels out of touch. Then for others, there should be a firm focus on the meaning of a christening.

As with everything in this life, everyone is unique and individual and your invite should reflect what the event means to you. We’ve compiled a wide range of options so you can find what works best. Please use these christening invitation wording samples as inspirations to spark your own.

Pick which christening wording suits you best

Want to make your christening invite wording fun and light?

We welcomed baby XX to our lives and in between the tears and laughter (that’s just MUM NAME or DAD NAME) we decided it was important to mark the occasion with everyone coming together.

We’d like to invite you to BABY NAME’s christening.

Date, Time, Venue.

We know some people like to give christening gifts, we would say that baby XXX has everything they could possibly need, so we encourage you to turn up and enjoy the day together with us. If you want to give something, adding to our Collection Pot for XX’s eventual university fund would be greatly appreciated!

Wording for christening invitations for non-religious guests

We dedicated that during the most sleep-deprived stage of our lives, we’d also love to throw a party into the mix! We are hosting a christening to welcome XXX into the church and our faith. Please join us for the day. Date, Time, Venue.

We know that churches may not be your thing – but we’ve chosen a beautiful venue, and PARENT has tested it for warmth. The minister, NAME always has a positive and upbeat message to share, and it’s a day we really would like to share with you. We will also be hosting a party afterwards at XXXXX with a fully stocked bar. Have we tempted you? We hope to see you there.

Short christening invitation wording samples


Our faith, our church, our beautiful (son/daughter) will all become one on DATE.

Join us in a celebration of new life, faith and connection at the christening of XXXX at Venue, Time.

Please RSVP by XXXX.


Eat, drink and be merry with us as we celebrate the safe arrival of our bundle of joy, baby XXXX.

Join us at venue (time, date) for a short ceremony, followed by drinks and nibbles at XXXX.

We would love to see you there on this special day.


We joyfully invite you to join us for the christening of our beloved child, XXX in the eyes of God.

Join us on this day as we welcome him with a blessing from (minister name).

We look forward to your presence at venue (time, date)

Create your own unique christening invitation wording

Your invitation should be unique to you so when it comes to getting the words right, don’t worry about what others might think. Think about what you would say to someone in person and use that as your guide!

“Do not let your hearts be troubled”.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful christening.


Don’t forget to get a Pot set up for the christening

Is it time to get a Pot set up for your christening? It’s so simple and easy with Collection Pot- and friends and family can pool funds – so you don’t get more silverware than you need for your little one.

It’s simple, quick and also FREE.

Why not try it today?

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