21 Unique & Fun Things to do in Langley, BC - Vancouver Tips (2024)

From retro drive-ins to cool underrated museums, there are a lot of fun things to do in Langley, BC that many visitors wouldn’t expect.

Growing up in the Lower Mainland, Langley was always a perfect “day out” for us – especially on warm summer days when we could go pick berries, stroll through Fort Langley, and end the day with a nice drive-in movie.

While only an hour away from downtown Vancouver, many parts of Langley feel like a quaint escape worlds away from the busy downtown core.

Wondering what the best things are to do in Langley? Read on for a list of our favourites!

Frolic around Fort Langley

Touristy as it might be, one of our favourite things to do in Langley is visit Fort Langley, an adorable piece of Metro Vancouver that feels like one of those Hallmark Christmas movie towns.

Whether you’re looking to rummage around independent shops or feast at cute cafes and restaurants, there are a lot of great things to do in Fort Langley.

Those feeling extra keen to tap into tourist mode can even visit the Fort Langley National Historic Site, which brings you back in time to the early fur trading days through a reconstructed fur trading post with plenty of interactive exhibits and displays.

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Head to Brae Island Regional Park

Those visiting Fort Langley should be sure to also take advantage of Brae Island Regional Park, which is located just a stone’s throw away.

This unique island on the Fraser River makes for a great outdoorsy day trip in Langley… or even an overnight one if you stay to take advantage of their camping facilities!

Visitors can walk out to Tavistock Point, enjoy the clean sandy beaches, or simply admire the views along the park’s many trails.

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Go for a drive-in movie

Looking for something quirky and fun to do in Langley? Why not visit the Lower Mainland’s last surviving drive-in theatre?

Despite its retro aesthetic, Aldergrove’s Twilight Drive-In opened in 2005 and has these days become a bit of a local icon, delighting families, couples, and friends alike with their unique movie-going experience.

Simply park in one of the theatre’s 400+ spots, tune into their designated radio frequency, and enjoy the double features projected on the large screen.

Lots of people will park backwards and watch from their open trunks, which are decked out with pillows, blankets and air mattresses. Others will bring trucks and make comfy nests in the back.

No matter how you do it, this unique Langley experience is worth trying at least once… especially since you get decent value if you stick around for both movies on a double feature night!

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Visit Canada’s largest independent toy store

Whether you’re seeking out a rare collectible or simply looking to browse, Toy Traders in Langley is an epic place to visit.

Yes, they are indeed the largest independent toy store in the country, with not only an extensive collection of toys and collectibles, but also giant displays to ogle at. From a 17′ long Star Destroyer to a 13′ high superhero city diorama, this place is a must-visit for geeks from any fandom.

Visit the Canadian Museum of Flight

For aviation nerds, another fun thing to do in Langley is a visit to the Canadian Museum of Flight.

This volunteer-run museum is dedicated to Canada’s aviation heritage, with over 25 aircraft on its grounds, including the world’s only Handley Page Hampden on display.

Conveniently, the museum is open year-round, making it a great Langley activity to enjoy in any season.

Hop around a trampoline park

If it’s rainy day activities in Langley you’re after, one of the best we can recommend is a visit to Extreme Air Park, the largest indoor trampoline park in the country.

We’ve already mentioned this famous trampoline chain in our Things to do in Richmond post, but Langley’s location is especially worth a shoutout thanks to its 42,000 sq/ft worth of indoor trampolines and activities.

Trampoline dodgeball, rockclimbing, a dunking zone and massive foam pit all await in this massive facility, which may well be the best place to burn off a bit of that extra energy.

Play laser tag

Another one of the top things to do in Langley on a rainy day? Laser tag. Ohh yes.

Planet Lazer’s Langley location offers thrilling 20 minute missions in its 16,000 square foot arena, with state of the art laser tag technology that creates a truly immersive experience.

Perfectly suited for both the young and the young at heart, this Langley activity is ideal for those who never grew out of Hide and Seek or tag.

Race around in some Go Karts

Alright, in case it wasn’t clear by now, Langley has a lot to offer by way of indoor activities… so let’s add another one to the list: Go Karting.

If engaging in some real life Mario Kart sounds like your idea of fun, then Fast Track Indoor Karting is the place to go.

They have special discounts and offers on most days of the week, making them a great place for a group hang or fun date!

Look for famous filming locations

It’s already well known that Metro Vancouver is a busy filming location, but Langley is an especially popular pick for the film and TV industry thanks to its variety of diverse landscapes and backdrops.

If you’re looking for geeky things to do in Langley, one fun one is seeking out locations you recognize from movies and TV shows.

Among famous filming locations you’ll find in Langley are…

  • The Kent Farm from Smallville – 843 248th Street, Langley
  • Lara Jean’s House from the ‘To All the Boys’ movies – 9147 Gay Street, Fort Langley
  • Storybrooke Town Hall from Once Upon a Time (and many other spots!) – 9167 Glover Rd, Langley
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Head to the Alder Grove Heritage Society & Telephone Museum

Dating back to 1910, this adorable yellow building was once a BC Mills building. Today, it is home to both the community archives of Aldergrove, and a charming little Telephone Museum.

Home to a collection of telephones (and telephone-related objects) from over the years, this museum is entirely volunteer-run and offers up one of the more unique historical experiences you can have in Langley… perfect if you’re looking to do something a little different!

Stop by the BC Farm Museum

Speaking of museums, Langley is also home to the BC Farm Museum, which you can visit in Fort Langley.

This museum houses the largest collection ofpioneerand agricultural artifacts in BC, with a cool variety of tractors and other farm equipment available on display.

If quirky museums are your thing, then be sure to add this one to your Fort Langley itinerary!

Visit the Langley Centennial Museum

Last but not least on the museum front, we have the Langley Centennial Museum, which is another gem located in Fort Langley.

This museum dates back to 1958, putting a spotlight on local Langley history and art.

Exhibits here are divided into two main galleries: the History Gallery (which showcases artifacts representing Langley’s heritage) and the Temporary Exhibition Gallery (which offers changing exhibitions on diverse topics like art, history and science.

Go berry picking

One of the best things to do in Langley in the summer is berry picking.

In fact, many Lower Mainlanders come from across the region to pick berries in Langley thanks to its surplus of great U-Pick farms.

While there are many farms that offer berry picking in Langley, Krause Berry Farms is an especially popular pick, thanks to its great variety of on-site activities.. but let’s be honest: you really can’t go wrong with fresh local berries no matter where you pick them.

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Go brewery hopping

While not nearly as huge as the craft beer scene in Vancouver proper, there’s a lot to be said about Langley’s small but mighty selection of craft breweries.

So, if you’re looking for something relaxed and casual to do in Langley, why not do a little DIY tour of the local craft brewers?

Check out a list of craft breweries and distilleries in Langley here.

Sample some ciders

Or hey, if you’re a cider person, Langley has you covered too.

The Fraser Valley Cider Company specializes in tasty small batch ciders made with fresh BC apples, sourced straight from their on-site orchard.

If tasting ciders on a working farm sounds like your idea of a good time, then be sure to visit their cidery (open daily except Tuesdays) for a fresh-as-can-be glass.

Visit some wineries

We’ve covered beer, we’ve covered cider, but yes, Langley also has options for wine lovers. And a lot of them at that.

While most Lower Mainlanders flock to the Okanagan to experience the wonder that is BC wine, Langley is a much closer and affordable option that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Whether you’re into berry wines, honey wines, or good old classics, there’s a winery in Langley for you. To help you out with your wine-tasting exploits, here’s a list.

Hit the trails

While Langley may not be as well known for its trails as North Vancouver or Port Moody, there’s actually a surprising number of trails to enjoy here.

If you’re looking for outdoorsy things to do in Langley, then hitting the trails is a fun, budget-friendly option.

Here are some trail maps you can download from the City of Langley.

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Catch a Vancouver Giants game

Contrary to popular belief, the Vancouver Canucks aren’t the only hockey team that Metro Vancouver has to offer.

The Vancouver Giants are a major juniorice hockey that is part of theWestern Hockey League(WHL).While once upon a time, they used to play at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, they changed base to Langley a few years back, and continue to play all their home games at the Langley Events Centre.

So, for hockey fans looking for a new (maybe more budget-friendly) alternative to the Canucks, be sure to catch a Giants game the next time you’re in Langley!

Enjoy Brydon Lagoon

Looking for a tranquil place to visit in Langley? Brydon Lagoon is a lush Langley hidden gem that is a locals’ favourite for bird watching and peaceful strolls.

If you’re looking for some light exercise, there’s an enjoyable loop trail that goes for 1.1km around the lagoon, allowing you to admire its beauty from all angles… or you can simply sit and enjoy the views from one of the lagoon’s several benches.

Try a wing so hot, you need a waiver

Ahh, yes – the Bobby Wing.

This local legend is offered by WINGS, a chain with several locations including (you guessed it) Langley.

The concept is simple: it’s a ridiculously spicy hot wing… one so hot that you literally need to sign a waiver before you eat it. Whether you want to try it for yourself (or bring some friends to watch them cry), this is one unique thing to do in Langley that may very well scald your taste buds off.

Enjoy Campbell Valley Regional Park

Offering 29km of mixed use trails, Langley’s Campbell Valley Regional Park is a great place to go if you’re looking for outdoorsy things to do in Langley.

In addition to the peaceful nature that BC is known for, this park is home to the old Langley Speedway site, which you can walk to for a unique glimpse into the past. It’s also a locals’ favourite for bird-watching… and horse watching, since the trails here are especially popular with horse riders.

Our tip? Pack a picnic and make a day of it!

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Did we miss any of your favourite things to do in Langley?

Let us know in the comments so we can add more recommendations to our list!

21 Unique & Fun Things to do in Langley, BC - Vancouver Tips (2024)


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