18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (2024)

Are you in the mood for something savory, but you are not sure what exactly you want? We know the feeling! Maybe we can tempt you with some sheet pan quiche recipes? Hopefully, you answered yes because today, we will be showing you 18 sheet pan quiche recipes!

If you were not in the mood for sheet pan quiche earlier, these recipes might change your mind!

What is a Quiche?

As you might have already noticed, a quiche looks a lot like a tart. With that, you might wonder if the two are the same. If not, then what is the difference? Well, let us answer those questions.

A quiche is a type of tart, specifically a French tart. People often distinguish it from other tarts by noting that it is exclusively savory.

When differentiated, the most cited difference is that a tart could be sweet or savory, while the quiche is always savory. With that, you could say that the quiche is a savory tart.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let us get on with the recipes.

The 18 Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes

1. Sausage and Red Onion Sheet Pan Quiche

18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (1)

Let us start with a bang!

If you are looking for something savory, maybe this sausage and red onion sheet pan quiche is for you. As you will see later, sausage is not a common choice for quiches. So, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, you might want to give this recipe a shot.

2. Sheet Pan Suppers Quiche

On the other hand, you might be looking for something that does not have meat. Well, you might want to try this vegetarian recipe out then! It does not have any pork or beef. However, look at it! It looks delicious, right? Over and over again, vegetarian recipes have shown us that it is possible to make a delectable dish without any meat.

3. Brunchy Sheet Pan Tomato Quiche

18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (2)

Maybe you like the idea of a meatless quiche. However, you may not be feeling the last recipe we showed you. Well, you need not worry. We have another one here!

As you might have already noticed, the star of this quiche is the tomato! If you like tomatoes, you might want to opt for this one instead.

4. Spinach-and-Cheddar Slab Quiche

Okay, so maybe tomatoes are also not your thing. We have another quiche that does not involve any meat! As you might have guessed from the name, the stars in this quiche are spinach and cheese.

For those seeking a bit of crunch, this recipe thoughtfully incorporates sesame seeds to complement the crust’s crispiness. This recipe also includes some sesame seeds as an addition to the crunch of the crust.

5. Sheet Pan Quiche with Spinach and Basil

18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (3)

Now, if you are looking for something with a herby taste, you might want to try this recipe out. As you might have guessed from the name again, this recipe includes some basil to give you that herby taste you are looking for. You could say this recipe is an upgrade from the classic.

6. Sheet Pan Quiche Lorraine

Before going any further, we cannot forget about the quiche Lorraine. It is probably one of the most popular variants among all the quiches. This variant usually makes use of bacon, but this recipe made use of ham. So, if you are looking for something familiar but with some twist, then you might want to give this recipe a shot.

7. Broccoli, Ham & Cheese Sheet-Pan Eggs

18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (4)

Here is another recipe you might want to look at if you are a big ham fan. You could say it has a good balance between meat and vegetables as this one uses ham and broccoli. Hey! You might even get your little one to eat some vegetables with this one!

8. Bacon-Cheddar Slab Quiche

If we are talking about savory, bacon is probably one of the first things many would name. Now, what would make bacon better? Cheese! If you are a fan of bacon and cheese, you might want to give this recipe a shot.

To top it all up? This sheet pan quiche is quick and easy to do!

9. Spinach and Sweet Potato Sheet-Pan Quiche

18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (5)

As we have said earlier, quiches are savory. However, if you are looking for some sweetness in your meal, you might want to try this recipe. From the name, you can already see that this recipe has some sweet potatoes to help you achieve that slight sweetness in your dish.

10. Caramelized Onion, Bacon, and Swiss Cheese Slab Quiche

Earlier, we mentioned a quiche recipe that included some cheese and bacon. If that attracted you, but you feel it is missing something, we may have just the thing.

From the name, you might have already guessed that this recipe has bacon, cheese, and caramelized onions! Caramelized onions might be a subtle addition, but we think it brings an impact!

11. Sheet-Pan Spring Quiche

18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (6)

Now, if you like your greens, give this quiche a try. It has some spinach, leek, thyme, and parsley. Tell us, can a quiche get any greener than that?

Are you having guests over? This recipe makes up to 8 servings. It is great to share over brunch with your other green-loving friends!

12. Breakfast Quiche

Quiche is a popular breakfast or brunch option. Well, this recipe is one way to start your day! You might not hear birds chirping and singing when you take a bite of this quiche. However, we think you could catch the sound of a very satisfied tummy if you start your day with this dish!

13. Margherita Sheet Pan Quiche

18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (7)

I have to be honest. I am not that big of a fan of bell peppers. Are you like me? You might want to opt for this quiche for your breakfast instead then. However, this dish is not only for breakfast! You can make this dish for brunch or at any time you wish to do so!

14. Easy Cheesy Quiche

Do not let the name of this quiche fool you. It does not only have cheese. It has all sorts of savory goodness.

However, this quiche’s name does not lie in that it is easy. We think this is a quick and easy dish that you can make at home!

15. Greek Sheet Pan Quiche

18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (8)

Are you looking for a quiche recipe because you’re having guests over? Well, this quiche might be for you. This quiche and its ingredients seem to be a crowd-pleaser! Furthermore, you do not have to worry. This recipe is quick and easy to make. You will have time to make sides if you want!

16. KISH PIE (Quiche) in 8 minutes

Do you live in the fast lane? Are you always on the go? You might be looking for something quick. Well, it seems you can prepare this one in under 10 minutes!

However, that is not the only thing this recipe can boast. You might also enjoy the fact that it is filled with lots of savory goodness!

17. Sheet Pan Quiche Bites

18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (9)

Are you looking for an appetizer? This sheet pan quiche bites might be what you are looking for! Not only is it a tasty way to start a meal, but it is also easy to make. Put this out, and we think no one would be able to tell it only took a short time to make!

18. Spinach and Feta Sheet Pan Quiche

Lastly, let us talk about this spinach and feta sheet pan quiche from The North Grove. How could we not include it? According to Maryann Borg, it is probably the easiest quiche one could make. It might be easy, but do not let that trick you into thinking it lacks in flavor. It is undoubtedly a tasty treat!

Tips and Tricks

Now you have 18 sheet pan quiche recipes from which you can take your pick. However, here are some things you might want to consider before you start making your quiche.

How Can I Avoid Having the Crust Shrink?

Some recommend baking the crust first. You could bake the crust along with the filling. However, there are several reasons why you might want to bake the crust first. It could help with several things, like saving time and getting the quiche out of the pan more easily.

If you decide to bake the crust separately from the filling, you might be worried about shrinkage. Well, we have some suggestions for that!

First, you might want to make sure that puff pastry or dough hangs on the side. Not too much that it will touch the oven racks, but you want it hanging.

Second, you would need some parchment paper. All you have to do is place it on top of the crust. After that, you want to put some weight on that. You can use some pie weights. However, if you do not have any, you can use rice or beans. Glass marbles could also work!

Sides: Dishes You Might Want to Serve with Your Quiche

Since many quiches are easy to do, you might want to make some sides with the extra time. Here are some sides you might want to consider:

  1. Leafy Salad: The quiche might usually have vegetables in its ingredients, but partnering it with a leafy salad is one way to balance everything in your mouth.
  2. Fruit Salad: Like leafy salads, fruit salads could also be a good side for the quiche. It will undoubtedly be refreshing. Also, since the quiche is savory, the sweetness of fruits would most likely be welcomed by your tastebuds.
  3. Roasted Vegetables: Do you want to stay on the savory side? Roasted vegetables are also great. However, you might want to opt for vegetables that you did not include in your quiche to keep things fresh if you will.

What Can I Use If I Do Not Have a Sheet Pan?

Do you not have a sheet pan but want to make some quiche? You do not have to worry. There are several ways you can make a quiche. For one, you can usemuffin pansif you are looking for something easy to clean. This dish is so flexible. You can make it in many different kinds of cookware. You can even use your cast-iron skillet!

Things to Keep in Mind

Proper Preparations

If this is not your first time here, you might have already heard this: proper preparations often lead to great treats. While the quiche is a flexible dish, and it would be easy to find an alternative for an ingredient you do not have, it would be good to have everything set before you even start. It also makes the whole process easier!

You Are Dealing with Heat

Quiches are often done in the oven. If you like comedies, you might have seen a few scenes where someone gets too excited and forgets to use mittens and such to get something out of the oven. You might be surprised, but it happens a lot in real life.

We know you are excited to get a slice of quiche and dig in, but do not forget to use mittens or a potholder! Also, it is advisable to give the dish some time to cool down. So, once your quiche is ready, open the oven and let it cool down for a few minutes. Admire your work, and maybe take a few pictures for the gram before you dig in!


That is 18 sheet pan quiche recipes! We hope you found the recipe for you.

If you would like to seemore delicious dishes and recipes like this one, then you might want to give our past discussions a visit. We also have many nifty tips and tricks that might help you in your next big meal, and we also have some pan-tastic solutions for your pots and pans problems. So, take a look around!

18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (10)

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18 Best Sheet Pan Quiche Recipes (2024)


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